Growing Investment Trend: Rental Income


 Growing Investment Trend: 
Rental Income

Over the recent months, I've seen a growing trend in my local real estate markets ...

The number of Investors inquiring about the purchase of condos, apartments, townhomes, and even traditional owner-occupied single-family homes to be utilized as rental units - is growing.  

Rental income produced by these types of purchases bring a "workable" monthly cash flow to local Investment Buyers.  More people are currently finding that of real interest to them and their financial goals. 


In math terms, when buying an Investment Rental Property you:

Collect Monthly $ Rent 
Minus: All Associated Monthly Expenses 
Equal: Income (Monthly Cash Flow)

These Rental Property Investment Buyers intend to rent the purchased properties and make some money growing equity in them at the same time ...

But many of these Investors see these purchases as a way of diversifying themselves too.  While many still maintain their other investments (such as stocks, bonds, and other investment funds), they're also choosing to broaden their investment portfolio via the addition of rental properties.  

Perhaps it's the recent gains being seen in many housing markets from rising equity and stock prices that have driven this still-developing trend.  Or maybe it's the "still low, but steadily rising" mortgage interest rates available.

But it's also true that:  In many markets, it's possible to produce monthly cash flow after eliminating mortgage payments, utilities, HOA Assessments, or management costs in place for a relatively large number of properties.  

And currently, it's still possible to buy an Investment Property with:
  •  As little as 15% Down Payment (yes, less than 20% Down)
  • 85% Loan-to-Value allowed with most Private Mortgage Insurance providers *  

* Many Investors still put 20-25% down and finance the difference so they can maintain positive monthly cash flow.

Positive news for those wishing to buy an Investment Rental Property ...  

As I mentioned above, the purchase of Investment  Properties is a popular and growing trend in my area, (Chicagoland - Will County) especially amongst those approaching their retirement years and looking for a viable semi-passive income stream.  

Condos and Townhomes where HOA (Homeowners Association) are in play have proven particularly popular as the HOA takes care of much of the maintenance on the property for Rental Property Investors.  That specific feature is very attractive for those Investors that do not have the time, skills, or inclination to be an on-site "contractor" or handyman. 

So I ask ...

  • Do your financial goals include the purchase of an Investment Rental Property?  
  • Is this type of investment right for you? 

There's much to know and many options for you to consider prior to making your final decision regarding an Investment Rental Property purchase.  That education and information are even more critical should you need financing for the property purchase. 

If considering or thinking you might want to join the Rental Property investment trend:  Do your homework.  Make sure to get all the information and answers you need to make an informed investment and purchase decision.  

To accomplish that, in New Lenox - Will County - Chicagoland - I/WI ... reach out to me today.  We'll discover what options exist for you now ... and in the future. 

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