Real Estate - Financing Juggling: Selling & Buying a Home at the Same Time

Real Estate - Financing Juggling:
Selling & Buying a Home at the Same Time

The definition of juggling is ...  

A continuous tossing into the air and catching 
(of number of objects) so as to keep a minimum 
of one in the air while handling the others ...

For those trying to sell a home while buying another,
Juggling a Home Sale & Home Purchase? Contact Gene!
it can feel just like that ... a juggling act requiring great timing, luck, balance, and concentration.

Back in the late 1970's when I was a rookie loan officer, the practice of selling and buying a home simultaneously was a fairly common practice.  Not so anymore.  

There are many reasons why this has become true, but one stands out most.  Available housing for sale is in short supply creating very competitive buying scenarios in many markets.  

In these competitive housing markets, Sales Contingencies won't cut it come Offer time.  Sellers typically won't consider Offers/Contracts that contain them.  They don't have to.

It's also true that the process of selling and or buying -financing a home is now more detailed too.  Many people are just not keen on "juggling" everything at once.  They prefer to consider, then learn, then tackle one step at a time.  

Those steps should include:  

  • Seek housing and financing counsel & advice
  • Sell their current home
  • Secure Mortgage Pre-Approval 
  • Search and find their new home
  • Sign a Contract to Buy

To assist them in accomplishing this, I, as their Mortgage Originator, must have a complete and thorough understanding of their financial/credit background and standing.  In the sell-and-buy scenario, there are additional questions and considerations (beyond the norm) that must be raised and discussed in order for my clients to make the most beneficial decisions for themselves moving forward.  

Some of those questions can be:
  • How quickly are homes selling in their current home market?
  • What are comparable homes selling for in their area?
  • Does the market support a "Contingency Offer" being made on their   new home, should their current home not sell immediately?
  • What is the likelihood of that Contingency Offer being accepted by Buyers?  
  • What amount of equity do they hold (if any) in their current home?
  • If necessary, could they sustain TWO mortgage payments, should their home not sell?
  • How long could they sustain 2 home payments?
  • What is their personal comfort level with this possible scenario ... their "risk tolerance"?
  • What kind of cash reserves/savings do they have available?
  • If your current home sells prior to your finding a new one, do you have somewhere you can stay in the interim prior to Closing?  Rent, etc.?  
  • More ...

My focus as their LO must also remain on their education. It's very important for them to know the facts regarding all their financial options and the costs of selling and buying their home.  

It's at this point that I find many Home Sellers are surprised there are Seller's Costs involved in the sale of a home.  And specifically, what those Seller's Costs will total for them.

Costs that remain the responsibility of a Home Seller in the Chicagoland/IL area typically include:
  • Real Estate Commissions (if Agent(s) services utilized
  • Title Company expenses
  • Attorney Fees (if Attorney services utilized)
  • Contractual Items (if involved in Sale/Contract)
       1.  Survey
       2.  Termite Inspection
       3.  Home Warranty Costs 
       4.  Home Inspection Repairs
       5.  Real Estate Transfer Taxes/Fees
  • Real Estate Tax Proration (owed to Home Buyers at the time of Closing)
I'm sure other locations/states have other Sellers' costs that could be included in this list, but again ... these are costs often seen in the Chicagoland/IL housing market(s).  

Typical Seller Costs can range anywhere from 8% to 10% of the Contract Price and are dependent on the costs agreed upon in your specific transaction ...  

Sales Price = $200,000
Typical 8% to 10% Seller's Costs = $16,000 to $20,000

So how do you calculate the Net Proceeds you'll realize from your home sale? 

Example:  How to Figure Net Proceeds
Sales Price
- (minus)
Total Seller's Closing Costs 
- (minus)
Current Home's Mortgage Balance
= (equal)
Final Net Proceeds of Home Sale

The dollars represented by your Final Net Proceed represents the money available to you for your next home purchase (for Down Payment and Closing Costs). 

The above calculations, the menu of costs (both sales and purchase), the variety of possible sales/purchase scenarios and options, and need for information and sound advice ... reveal the vital importance of seeking and working with experienced professionals (both Mortgage and Real Estate).

My strong recommendation is:  Always seek that professional guidance and info PRIOR to taking any action regarding the sale of your current home or purchase of a new home.

To assist in your search for info, please consider reading my posts:

Bottomline:  Make sure you take the time to ask questions. Get fully-informed.  Then make your decisions.  You'll be glad you did. 

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