Create Options and Put Yourself in the Driver's Seat During Your Mortgage Financing

Create Options and Put Yourself in the 
Driver's Seat During Your Mortgage Financing

 Gene's Chicagoland Mortgage BlogBlogging's always been a great outlet for me as a Mortgage Originator ...  

While it's served me well in many capacities, I've always found the greatest benefit takes place during the preparation of my articles.  

The research, studying, and reading required of me in the production of my posts continually provides me ample and additional opportunities to learn.  That's a huge plus for me ... and my clients.

The comments and questions left in response to my posts also prove very valuable too.  They often serve as a catalyst for future posts.  

Such was the case when I received a comment from Riverside, CA Real Estate Agent, Author, and ActiveRain member, Richie Alan Naggar.  In a comment responding to an article I'd written regarding down payments, Richie shared his personal experience.  He wrote ... 

"Way back when ... when I bought for the first time, 
5% did it with employment.  Later on, when purchasing again, I put larger amounts down to reduce the debt load.  
I like the thought of being able to choose those amounts". 

The last sentence surrounding down payment choices and options really hit home with me.  And it got me thinking.

Back when our boys were in school, my wife and I always stressed to them the importance of creating options for themselves.  In regards to their achievements at school, that meant they were to live up to their abilities and achieve the best grades possible.  

We felt, the better their grades, the larger menu of options they'd create and enjoy when in pursuit of higher education.  At that point, they'd have a wider and better selection of schools to choose.  And they would be better able to dictate where they attended college, not the other way around.

As Richie Alan Naggar's comment clearly points out, options are a very valuable thing to have at your disposal when it comes time to make a down payment or finance your home.  I couldn't agree more.  During the time leading up to your home buying and financing, earning and creating options for yourself should remain a primary focus and goal.  

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So how do you go about creating those options for yourself?  Options are earned by: 
  • Building a good credit history  
  • Paying bills on time  
  • Saving money  
  • Not over-spending  
  • Spending wisely  
  • Buying within your means  
  • Making sound decisions
  • And more ...

The more effectively you do these things, the more options you create and have at your disposal at the time you buy and finance a home.  You grow the number of choices you have.  

The results are that YOU are in the driver's seat during your financing, from Pre-Qualification to Closing and beyond.  And that's the best place to be.

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