Manhattan, IL - The Perfect Mix of Memories with Progress

Manhattan, IL
The Perfect Mix of Memories with Progress

Whether old or young, watched during its initial run or
on a current cable tv channel, almost everyone knows about the tv show, "Leave it to Beaver".  It's about an idyllic representation of 50's and 60's America as you can get ...  

When describing my life as a kid growing up in Manhattan, IL ... this show is pretty darn close.  I lived a real Beaver and Wally life.  

The Mundts were the Cleavers.  I was #3 in a family of 4 boys.  Mom was a stay-at-home mom.  Dad worked a 9-to-5 job as an accountant.  

And much like the Beav, I had few cares.  I ran out the door early in the morning and didn't get back inside until dinner or maybe even bedtime.  School and sports kept me busy.

During the summers, my brothers, friends and I could be found in our big yard playing ball of some kind.  Or we were down the street at the church's basketball court.  

Exchange the name of Beaver and Wally's friends ... Whitey, Eddie, and Lumpy for those of mine and my brothers:  Buzz, Red Dog, Earl the Pearl, Duck and more.  We were together constantly.  

Back in those days, the population of the Village of Manhattan was under 1000.  There was one public school.  It provided classes for kids in kindergarten through 8th.  Lots of the students were farm kids, as Manhattan was surrounded on all four sides with family farms.

Each of the grades had around 20 kids or so in it.  As we progressed through the grades, we moved to a different classroom within the school building, but the faces at the school desks (or the sports teams) didn't change much over the years.  

Most of the teachers at our school had taught there for years. Even decades.  The school matriarch and First Grade Teacher, Anna McDonald, had taught my wife's father in a one-room school house early in her career. (Years later, she taught my wife and I along with all our siblings.  Now that's real dedication.)

Yep, Manhattan, Illinois was the perfect place for a kid to grow up ... and I WAS a Beaver Cleaver.

Move ahead to 2017:

While it's true that Manhattan has seen vast changes since my days as a kid, it still remains a great place to call home.  Its growth speaks volumes as to the quality of life that can be found there.

 Find Manhattan, IL on a Map
Because of its location, about an hour south of the Chicago Loop, located on the Metra Rail Line, and near major interstates and highways ... the Village offers residents the ability to commute to the City and nearby work hubs, but the luxury of living a more laid-back suburban lifestyle.  

The population of Manhattan has grown to around 7,400+ (2014) as a result.  New subdivisions and new construction starts are common sites within its boundaries and surrounding areas.

The Manhattan School District 144 has now grown to 3 public schools to accommodate the growth and needs of the community:

Manhattan also has one parochial school:

Multiple pre-schools and daycare facilities are available within the community to help meet the needs of local families.

Manhattan students attend (public school) Lincoln-Way West High School (part of Lincoln-Way School District #210) located at 21701 S. Gougar Road in New Lenox. 

The Park District of Manhattan is a vibrant and active one, offering a full-range of activities, programs, and events for toddlers through seniors.  Having grown from just one park years ago, it now offers 7 park locations for its residents' enjoyment ... including the historic  Baker-Koren Round Barn Farm.  

The Manhattan - Elwood Public Library provides books, services, and educational opportunities to every age group. It's a cog of the community and is continually adding new programs and events to serve its residents.   

Proud of its large Irish population and roots ... the Village has been the site of the Manhattan Irish Fest for well over 20 years.  Manhattan Irish Fest will be held once again this year on March 3rd and 4th.  

The Irish Fest Parade (held downtown Manhattan) will kick-off at 11 am on March 4th.  Get into town early on that day. The parade is enormously popular and well-attended!

If you haven't attended Manhattan Irish Fest before ... and would like to experience the true spirit of the Manhattan community, the Fest is a great time to do it.  There are activities, music, food, entertainment, and much more offered throughout the Fest for every age to enjoy. 

The info I offer above just begins to scratch the surface of all that is available and possible, should you live within (or visit) the Village of Manhattan, IL.  The size of the town may have changed over the years, but the character of the Village and its residents has not.  

The Beav and I are in complete agreement ... the town's slogan sums up the life and possibilities awaiting you within the community perfectly ... "Memories with Progress".  

Hope you'll visit Manhattan, IL soon ... or consider becoming a resident ...

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