Does Your Mortgage Originator Possess the Right Ingredients?

 Does Your Mortgage Originator 
Possess the Right Ingredients?

     A couple of days ago, I received a comment regarding my recent blog/post, "How to "Replace" Mortgage Insurance" from a fellow real estate industry professional. (Thank you Patricia Feager, Dallas Premier Keller Williams Realty, Flower Mound, TX) ...

     Within that comment, Patricia said ...

     "Gene, you have a skilled talent that explains things on the level I can understand. Thank you for sharing this outstanding and very educational information!!!"

     I greatly appreciated the kind words she wrote, as my number one goal as a Mortgage Originator (and writer) most certainly is to help my clients successfully close their loan. But just as important is ... that they fully understand their options, the mortgage products they'll utilize, and the mortgage process they will navigate.  

     Modern mortgages being what they are, that can prove challenging at times.  Learning I had been successful at doing that for Patricia was certainly fulfilling.  The comment she made, however, pointed out what I think is a growing issue for Originators and lending industry bloggers alike.  

     One of the very things that make current mortgage programs (and the process itself) far better for current Borrowers, also can increase the difficulty of providing information to them. 

     What do I mean?

     I've used an analogy to explain the similarity between the modern mortgage and snowflakes or fingerprints in the past.  That analogy reflects the nature of mortgages currently. Simply, no two mortgages or mortgage processes are ever completely alike.

     Even what are viewed as very small differences between Borrowers, their credit, finances, or scenario ... can cause hugely different outcomes in programs secured, process experienced, and success found.  Mortgages have become that uber-sensitive to the individual Borrower, their credit, and financial scenarios.  

     You simply can no longer compare one Borrower's situation to another.  But try explaining that uber-sensitivity ... those "asterisks" ... those differences to a Borrower (either verbally or in written word).  It can prove very challenging.  

     This is a current reality within mortgages.  A reality that proves how very important it is for potential Borrowers to do their homework when it comes time to find a Mortgage Originator for their financing needs. 

     Now it's important to stress that Borrowers need to pair this reality with a necessity.  For this "reality" and the "necessity", I refer to can go a long way towards making their transaction successful or not.       

 Testimonials for Gene Mundt, Mortgage Originator

      Think of this combo as a recipe.  A little of this and a cup of that.  

     Two of the most important ingredients in the recipe should be the following:

     1.  It's absolutely essential that Borrowers find and work with an Originator that represents a volume of Borrowers ... consistently.  Here's why:

     There's an old saying in the real estate industry ... "to conduct business, you must be doing business".  That's never been truer than in today's mortgage originations.

     What does that mean?  Simply, Mortgage Originators need to conduct a steady volume of business to stay "on top of their game".  

     By conducting business, they continue to learn and hone their craft.  They gain extensive hands-on experience. They also grow a deeper well of knowledge with which to navigate the "sensitivities" and "asterisks" that will be encountered during the underwriting and processing of  clients' mortgages.  

     These Originators know best how to circumvent or address issues that might arise.  Pro-actively, swiftly, successfully. 

     So if you're someone looking to secure a mortgage soon (or in the future), first look for an Originator with a pipeline of work.   Both past and present.  

     2.  Then match it with an Originator that also cares about communication ... and the quality with which they communicate.  

     Evaluate these skills closely:     

  • How did they respond to my initial outreach?
  • How quickly did they respond?
  • Was the information or explanations offered thorough?Was it easily understood?  (Both verbally and written)
  • Were they clear and concise?
  • Did they take the time to answer questions fully?
  • Did they offer a full menu of options for future communication?
  • More ...

     If they check these boxes, most likely they will continue to communicate in that manner, provide you the quality service you deserve from transaction start to finish, and the perfect recipe for success.

     Let me know if you have questions or if I can be of assistance ...

    * Hoping to Buy or Refinance a Home in New Lenox or elsewhere in the Chicagoland area? Contact me! I'll put my 40+ years of Mortgage experience and expertise hard to work on your behalf.
     I can be easily found at:

Gene Mundt

Mortgage Originator - nmls #216987 - IL Lic. 031.0006220 - WI Licensed
American Portfolio Mortgage Corp.
nmls #175656

Direct: 815.524.2280
Cell/Text: 708.921.6331
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Gene Mundt, Mortgage Originator, an Originator with 40+ years of mortgage experience, will offer you exemplary mortgage service and advice when seeking: 
Conventional, FHA, VA, Jumbo, USDA, and Portfolio Loans in Chicago 
and the greater Chicagoland region, including: 
The Lincoln-Way Area, Will County, (New Lenox, Frankfort, Mokena, 
Manhattan, Joliet, Shorewood, Crest Hill, Plainfield, Bolingbrook, 
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