You're Getting Married! Congratulations! Establish a Lifetime of Good and Sound Financial Habits Together

You're Getting Married!  Congratulations!
Establish a Lifetime of Good and Sound
Financial Habits Together

     This Sunday, February 24th, 2013, I will be participating in the  Bridal Show and Expo  being held at The Renaissance Center214 No. Ottawa Street, in Joliet, IL.  The hours of this year's event are 12 Noon to 4:00 pm

     I was asked to participate in the Bridal Show and Expo by one of my favorite referral partners,  Heather Jelic, of  RE/MAX Action  located in Lisle, IL.  Heather and I are looking forward to meeting all the young couples attending this event.  Their happiness and enthusiasm is infectious and it certainly makes it fun to be in their presence both at the Expo and working with them in the future.

     I obviously wanted to have valuable information on hand for those young couples dreaming of buying a home at some point in their future.  So I put together a list of handy budgeting and financial suggestions that, when followed, will help the newlyweds turn their dream of owning a home together ... into a reality.

     My suggestion to newlywed couples is ... let the excitement of your wedding day die down a bit.  Take some time to relax and just bond.  Then have a few serious talks together.  Ones where you each take the opportunity to communicate your future financial goals and dreams to the other.   

     During your talks, tackle the following tips and suggestions one by one and then build a financial plan for yourselves.  A plan that will serve as a solid foundation and starting point from which to build a healthy financial future and also reap you the good credit and finances to buy or build a home together.

     Achieve your dreams and goals by:

     1.  Establishing your priorities and goals.  (Make sure to write them down)
     2.  Developing a Budget
     3.  Reviewing your present credit, debts, and credit scores
     4.  Deciding which of your standing debt(s)
can be eliminated or reduced
     5.  Deciding how to eliminate or reduce that debt
     6.  Discussing bank/savings accounts, both separate and joint accounts
     7.  Planning/Establishing an Emergency Fund
     8.  Designing a method in which you can both TRACK your new Budget and see your progress
     9.  Taking care of the documentation that comes with getting married.  If there was a name change involved, see to getting a  new Social Security Card,  a Driver's License, other forms of identification, and changing accounts reflecting that name change
    10.  Deciding who will be responsible for the actual payment of bills  
    11.  Implementing a tracking and filing system for your bills and financial documents.  (This will make  Pre-Qualification for a Mortgage  much easier and more smooth in the future)
   12.  Saving for Retirement
   13.  Changing any beneficiaries on accounts and policies, should you wish your spouse to become owner of them in the future.  Should you not have a Will, consider making one
   14.  Talking over all insurance coverages, both those already in existence and those you hope to purchase
   15.  Establishing ground rules for expenditures
   16.  Talking to an experienced Mortgage Originator well in advance of your home purchase ... as much as one year or more.  They will help place you in the best position to qualify for your Mortgage Financing when you decide to buy your home.

     Always remember:  Communicate in detail with each other regarding financial matters and do the things mentioned above.  You will start your marriage together off on the right step.  You're getting married!  Congratulations!  Establish a lifetime of good and sound financial habits together.   


     *  Hoping to buy a home in Joliet, Will County, or elsewhere in the Chicagoland region?  Contact me today!  I'll put my 40+ years of mortgage experience and expertise hard to work on your behalf.
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