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Here's this week's news, information, and timely articles I thought you'd find of interest and benefit to your business and daily life.
Should you have specific topics or questions you'd like covered and addressed in future newsblasts, please let me know.  Your suggestions and input are always appreciated!
We're well-past the mid-year mark for 2014.  What are industry expectations for the second-half of the year?  Read below to find out:
Midyear update:   9 ways real estate will change in 2014 ... 
Each year, details the important factors most likely to influence the mortgage and real estate markets in the coming year. While it seems we have made our way out of the turbulent times that have bounced the market around for the last few years, there is still plenty of uncertainty ahead.
Here are nine factors that we predicted would affect markets in 2014 -- and where we stand at the year's midway point.   (MORE ...)
4 Reasons Former Clients Forget You Exist ...
You work hard to win, educate, and close clients. And, the investment you make doesn’t always add up if you break down a sale’s commission by the hour. The real hope is that every client becomes a repeat client and sends others your way.

Unfortunately, too often, this fairytale flow of deals isn’t an agent’s reality and there are a few pretty good reasons that all carry the same theme: Your clients don’t remember you.
Here are four reasons you’ve slipped from the top spot in your clients minds and a few suggestions for climbing back just in time for their next referral or transaction.  (MORE ...)

Technology Overload: Does Your Technology Waste Your Time or Generate More Business?
App Overload
With the advent of new apps, overlapping software and even 3D video technology in real estate, it's hard for agents to pinpoint exactly what it is they need to sell more homes and close more business in a given year.  I love the "cool" factor just as much as the next guy, but often I see agents get caught up with shiny quarter syndrome in a way that doesn't bring them more business, nor does it help them transact the business they have more efficiently.  (MORE ...)
Your clients/potential homebuyers are increasingly pet owners too. 
Their concerns regarding their pets can trickle down and effect the choice of properties they view for purchase.
I've included the following info/article to help you increase your knowledge and awareness regarding this growing trend.  Think "outside of the box" when using this info in the future ...
13 Home Projects for Your Pet ...
Want to show a little extra love to your furriest family member? More and more home designs are adding on pet projects. In fact, the LA Times
reports that “Designers say more dog owners are considering their pets’ needs when building or remodeling their homes ... (MORE ...)
Provide my list of "Do's and Don'ts"  (and the informative article) to your potential Home Buyers (and "move-up" Sellers).  It will help them better prepare for our Pre-Qualification and Mortgage Application together ...
Your mortgage referrals are always appreciated.  I look forward to earning your business and assisting you and your clients through their successful mortgage process.
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