It's Time to Overhaul the Definition of "online lender".

It's Time to Overhaul 
the Definition of "online lender"

     If you've performed any research regarding mortgages or have been looking for Chicagoland mortgage service, you've probably run across advertisements, read discussions regarding "online lenders" or found actual websites of  "online lenders".  

     Historically, an "online lender" has been thought of as a Mortgage Lender that markets and conducts business solely through an internet presence.  But as a Mortgage Lender that utilizes the benefits of technology and the internet myself, I think the time has come to revise and tweak that old definition some.  It's archaic.  It's time to overhaul the definition of "online lender".

     I confess, I consider myself an "online lender" to a good extent these days.  A large portion of the communication and transacting of my clients' mortgage process is now typically conducted online, through technological advances, and via internet services.  I can't even imagine trying ... or being capable of ... servicing my clients swiftly and thoroughly without benefit of using it.

      From a Home Buyers' initial online research, initial preliminary conversations and inquiries regarding credit scores and Pre-Qualification for a mortgage ... to full interactive online Mortgage Application ... and throughout the entire processing of your mortgage, you can conduct your communications and quickly facilitate your mortgage processing through the services offered on my websiteThe same can be said for current homeowners looking to Refinance their mortgage.

     It's truly rare that physical face-to-face meetings occur within any given transaction ... or at least they're being kept to a minimum.  Walk-ins or in-person meetings, once the norm when I first entered the business, are now mostly a thing of the past.  The convenience that my "online lending" service offers just better fits the lifestyle and speed in which most of my clients conduct their lives.

     Truth is, you now must be an "online lender" and offer online and technologically-based services in order to provide stellar service to the majority of your clients.  Lenders, such as myself, that are typically defined as "local" lenders provide a good example of that fact.  

     But just being online isn't enough.  For any Mortgage Lender, it still boils down to the quality and the range of mortgage service(s) you're offering. 
     In actuality, I believe I offer the "best of both worlds" ... valuable options ... to my clients and referral partners.  While I offer the convenience and speed that online mortgage service is associated with ... I also provide the many benefits that come from being local.  Some of those benefits are:
  •    Multiple Chicagoland offices for your convenience, should you wish face-to-face consultations, etc.
  •    Local knowledge of Chicagoland housing markets learned through 2+ decades as an IL Licensed Appraiser
  •    Knowledge of Chicagoland municipalities and their rules/regulations/taxing bodies.
  •    Strong working relationships (and referral network) with local Chicagoland real estate brokers, agents and other real estate professionals
  •   Extended accessibility for clients ... meetings, applications, Closings possible at local places and times of your convenience
  •    Much More ...
     It's time to overhaul the definition of "online lender".  Home Buyers, and others in need of Chicagoland mortgage services, CAN truly have it all.  Online service ... delivered with local knowledge, benefits, and conveniences.  Contact me today!

     Hoping to work with a Chicagoland Mortgage Lender that delivers a convenient and wide array of mortgage services?  Contact me!  I'll put my 36+ years of mortgage experience and expertise hard to work on your behalf.
     I can be easily found at the following:
Direct:  815.524.2280
Cell/Text:  708.921.6331
eFax:  815.524.2281
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